Unfortunately, many graduate programs don’t emphasize procedures in their curricula.  I graduated from my FNP program 25 years ago (whew!).  I was practicing in a very rural area where no one had really heard of a nurse practitioner, but the physicians knew me when I worked as a nurse and were willing to give me a chance.  I had precepted with the medical director and he was impressed with my knowledge so I felt relatively confident when I took the job.  That is…until the first week on the job when a patient came in with a laceration.  The medical director said to me:  “Perfect!  Now I get to see your suturing skills!”  I thought to myself “what suturing skills?”.  I had never held a needle driver in my life!  And boy did I feel that lack of confidence start to creep in.  Talk about imposter syndrome!  Turns out my program had never taught me procedures!  And I had to admit that to my medical director who was astounded.

Thankfully, he took me under his wing and taught me to suture…and then taught me many other procedures that I was able to incorporate into my practice.  And I LOVED being able to do them!  Over the years, I truly realized that I was not alone and that many health care providers do not get much training in procedures in their programs.  Hence, the birth of Advanced Practice Prep in 2014!  I never wanted anyone to feel like I did that day…so I took it upon myself to “demystify” procedures for you!

Other companies have popped up over the years…many took our program and copied it.  One of the companies is run by an NP that I precepted and who taught for us and then decided he could do it without me.  They say that is a form of flattery…I guess so!  But the point is that YOU ALL ARE LEARNING PROCEDURES! And that is what I love!!!!!  So feel free to join us…the company where it all started.  I would love to be a part of your education and your evolution.  😊

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